Thursday, August 4, 2011

SNAP Studio

Society of Northern Alberta Print Artists
In early July I made the move to my new studio space at the Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists.  The set-up went very well as I am a keen mover and always eager to create a comfortable space.  Not long after the move I had a two-week vacation.  Two glorious weeks in row spent orienting myself not only to the workshop but to my new neighbourhood. 

SNAP Workshop
This is the printshop itself.  I didn't make any use of it as I was more than a little intimidated by the press and using it alone.  Instead I spent my time preparing for the big run slated for August 1st.

Another bonus of the month of July was my adoption of a bicycle.   A keen biker for most of my life when my dear old bike was stolen from my backyard a few years ago I was too sad to think I could love another but the time was right and pedalling to the studio is simply too wonderful to miss.  My route takes me up through the university campus, across the High Level bridge and then along the Victoria Promenade to SNAP.

Studio No. 6
From Above


My space is very cozy, private, and completely self-contained.  It feels great to have somewhere dedicated to a medium I have spent so much time preparing to work with and I am very pleased to announce that during my studio retreat I finished the final five wooden plates on display on the work bench pictured to the right.  I did not think that was possible so it was a great gift.

Tracing and Carving

Layers of Lines

More Layers

Image No. 2 - White

Image No. 2 - Whites on Plate
Image No. 1 -

Image No. 2 - Whites (Close up)

A great deal of time was spent tracing out the twenty-one for ease of transfer over the next year as I take advantage of the printmaking facilities.  I also got six pieces of baltic birch cut to size and two are now prepared as far as the print surface being isolated and the first layer traced out.  The isolating of the plate was strenuous to say the least taking four hours per board.  When I had started I thought I would get all six ready to go but soon realized what folly that was.

On Monday, August 1st I walked over the the press and for 9 hours straight printed over 150 pages of prints that will be bound into an artist book.

21 on Rice Paper
21 on Craft Paper

Detail - Image No. 2

The final accomplishment I need to document here is my lunchtime activity.  Every noon hour you can find me in my mobile studio (car) somewhere in the westend listening to audio books and carving 3" x 4" linoleum plates like this:

Image No. 1 - Two-Colour

The reason this post is a little longer than usual is that today is my 50th Birthday.  I used to feel in my heart that I was forever 18 or 19 years old.  Recently, while pedaling home after a satisfying day in the studio, it occurred to me that's not true at all.  Rather, all of my life I have been at least 50-years-old in my head and in my heart.  As of today my body has finally caught up.

The painting below was created for me in exchange for one of my roofing paintings. 
My favourite local artist, Campbell Wallace, created this beautiful piece of me with my maternal grandfather.


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