Monday, July 4, 2011

21 Konstruktions

21 Konstruktions:  Reduction Woodcut Print (prototype)

After over 150 hours the above edition of 12 prints was completed.  I had so much fun I have proposed to complete editions of seven of all of the 21 Konstruktions over the next year. In preparation for this project, the first in my series, I am renting space at SNAP (Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists) as of tomorrow.  I am going on holiday for two weeks and will spend this time settling into the studio space and workshop.

My orientation to the printmaking workshop will involve the printing of my wooden platens of which I will certainly complete thanks to my at-home carving area:

The Dome of Sawdust

In Progress:  18 down, 3 to go

and my linoleum plates that needed some cleaning:

These prints will be bound in my first artist book and then the reduction woodcut prints will begin.

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