Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Printmaking, Elements, Photography, and Bookbinding

Konstruktion No. 3 (Pt.1)
Konstruktion No. 3 (Pt. 2)

The above images are part of my series called 21 Konstruktions.  I am currently taking a reduction woodcut tutorial with Tadeusz Warszynski with an eye to an intensive period of time in SNAP's printmaking studio in the coming months.  Printmaking was not possible when I took my fine arts simply because of its time constraints and the fact I had to be home by suppertime every night to feed two growing boys.  I have been scratching this itch for about three years by carving wood and linoleum plates but have yet to do any actual printing. 

A frantic but fun morning was spent on the University of Alberta campus during the last week in April.  The company I work for needed photos of roofs we've done for an article in a magazine.  Of the three I could see from other buildings this is my favourite. It's the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute. 

Konstruction No. 10 (Element)

Other activities in April have included the completion of tiny sketches I think of as 'Elements', again based on the Konstruktions.  The freedom I am finding working with a limited number of images is astounding.  It feels limitless at this point from wood carvings to paintings to drawings to silversmithing to porcelain to tapestry to sculpture to printmaking to artist's books. 
For the Merry Month of May I am looking forward to premiering my first handmade clothbound books, the printmaking results, and I will continue to wonder what to do with these:

Roofing Abstract No. 4

Roofing Abstract No. 2

Roofing Abstarct No. 3

Roofing Abstract No. 1

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  1. You've described at least one of your images in this blog as having "ugliness" - I disagree. Everything you create has a gracefulness to it, regardless of whether it's an abstract photograph or one of these beautiful watercolours. I just find it frustrating that I'll never have enough wall space to collect all of the pieces I want!