Sunday, December 4, 2011

Home Studio

The big accomplishment this month past was the completion of my home painting and drawing studio.  It took one weekend of hard labour but it's done and ready for the winter  months. 


One day there will be a doorway in this wall because it connects to a storage room (soon to be my woodworking shop) with the only window in the basement and it would be great to have some natural light. 
It's a massive space that until now has been primarily for my boys as they grew up.  First as a TV / play room then as their teen bedrooms.  It's had the most transformations of all the rooms in our home.  This one should do my golden years.
I have already spent several hours at this area printing and carving.  On cold winter evenings and weekends this is where I will be.

Note to self:  Do not buy any supports or paper until you use what you already have.

The space in the basement also eased the clutter in my bookbinding/sewing room upstairs which is great.  Elbow room is always appreciated.

It wasn't all renovating, cleaning, and decluttering in November.  I did manage to accomplish some artistic goals. 
Most notably:

I've printed the second colour on the reduction prints.  It's subtle, to say the least, but once the remaining colours are printed they will be more interesting:


I've been working diligently on the Rosebud Series of prints.  These are images based on photos of Rosebud chocolates I took and will be a series of seven prints in editions of twelve.  As of today I have two colours printed and the plates ready to go for the third colour. 

I'm finding this project a great help in understanding reduction prints.  The next colour will be really dramatic:

Finally, the 3" x 4" two-colour plates of the 21 Konstruktions are complete.  I saved the most complex for last:

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