Monday, November 4, 2013

It's hard to describe how very different these are in person.  The tiny, delicate stitches do not translate into digital images which is oddly ironic considering they are created from digitized, pixelated images.  The difference is the medium.  The tactility of the threads and the way they reflect the light and each other are what make each completed piece sing.
Konstruktion No. 11

Konstruktion No. 11 In Progress
Konstruktion No. 23 In Progress
Konstruktion No. 23 Complete
Konstruktion No. 23

I had been concerned about my timeline as it had taken nearly an extra week to complete No. 11 so it was with some relief that this one came together relatively quickly - 113.5 hours as opposed to the 121 for No. 11. 
Konstruktion No. 19 Ready to Go

This next piece promises to be a challenge as it's the largest palette to date and the more thread colours the more time it requires.

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