Sunday, August 4, 2013

21 KONSTRUKTIONS:  a Marathon


The marathon began on July 13, 2013.  Over the next fifteen months I will be completing the 21 in cross stitch. 

 By the time I leave for Chicago (tomorrow, August 5th) I will have completed Konstruktion No. 1 keeping careful track to note that it took exactly three weeks.  I'll return on August 9th and begin in earnest for the next several months.

Here is what No. 1 looks like to date:

Three weeks is the absolute maximum amount of time I can take to complete all twenty-one by October 2014.  The next one will be Konstruktion No. 3:
This is not like my usual OCD linear self but having already completed a version of No. 2 it seems the most interesting thing to do.  Plus I really like No. 3.  With the next 20 I will be documenting my progress every day that I stitch.

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